If you would like to throw an epic party, you shouldn’t just rent a party bus. You should also add all the perks that you can to it. And one of the many things that you can include to further add some spice to the celebration is a DJ. If you haven’t thought of this before, go ahead and make it happen. You can thank us later.  

Party Bus

You can surely invite a DJ to join you in your luxury vehicle ride. The services of such a professional will definitely make the party more sensational than it already is. Surely, all your friends are dying to go. Even those whom you don’t know may do their best to get invited.  

If you’re quite ready to give the head seat to a DJ in your party bus, below are some of the things that you have to know first. This is a special service so you must understand everything that it entails.  

  1. You’ll need a lot of extra space. 

If you want a DJ, then you’ll need a really big bus. The equipment of DJs can be huge and they will definitely take up some space. So if you’re thinking of maximizing the seating capacity of the bus, don’t. The DJ’s equipment isn’t the only concern here. You also need ample space where you can dance around and enjoy the music. In general, you should rent a party bus with a 50-passenger seating capacity but only fill it with around 20 people. Otherwise, you may not be able to party it out.  

  1. Ask the operator for extra electrical connections. 

The DJ would have to connect his equipment to an electrical outlet so you have to know if the bus has those. Keep in mind that a DJ’s equipment can consume so much power. Be sure that the bus can accommodate that too because you don’t want to stop in the middle of the road because the batteries had drained out.  

  1. Find experienced DJs.

You may know a DJ or two but are they experienced in playing for people in a party bus? The ambiance in a nightclub is different from that of a party bus. For one, space is cramped and even the DJ would have to let go of some of his equipment just to play some good music. Is he amenable to that? 

  1. Have the DJ check out the party bus.

Before making any final arrangements on the party bus, invite the DJ over to take a look at it. The DJ should see the space that he will work at and decide if the feat is possible or not. The DJ also knows what his specific requirements are and he should be able to ask all about it straight from the party bus operator.   

Hiring a DJ to play live music at your party bus is definitely a great idea. Just be sure that the Denver party bus operator is supportive of it so you don’t have any issue about that in the end.