Gutters are intended to capture water that flows from the roof and safely draw it away from your home. Your gutters do an excellent job of protecting your house from harm if they are properly cared for and maintained. However, if you neglect them, you might end up having some unintended and unexpected damage to your home. 

If you don’t take care of your gutters, your home will develop structural damages. Gutters can do a lot of things for your home so never underestimate their functions. If you need help in maintaining the gutters in your home, a skilled handyman San Jose can help. By hiring their services, you won’t have to worry about the following issues: 

  1. Foundation Damage 

Protecting your home’s foundation from damage is the most significant role of gutters. They are designed to divert water from runoff from the roof to the sides of your house and all the way to its foundation. If your gutters are clogged with twigs, leaves, and similar debris, then water will overflow and cause water to cascade out of the gutters and into the sides of your home. The water will then pool around the base of your house. That’s when the foundation gets damaged. When this happens, your house’s foundation will crack, weaken, and threaten your house’s structural integrity. 

  1. Landscaping Damage 

If your gutter is broken, then any flower, shrub, and trees that you have planted on your yard will be destroyed. This is because the excess water from the roof will swamp and ruin your landscaping. Be sure to fix damaged gutters when you notice them.  

  1. Gutter Damage

Gutters may sag and buckle when it gets heavy due to the combined weight of water, dirt, debris, and sodden leaves. Furthermore, if the fascia boards have been saturated with water it will deteriorate and rot. This significantly improves the probability that your gutters will totally detach themselves from the roof and the sides of your home, taking the entire fascia along with it. 

  1. Formation ofIce Dams 

Ice dams are big issue in places where the winter can get really harsh. A dam of ice tends to form as snow arts to melt on the roof. It will also refreeze when it reaches the roof’s edge. Any water will back up after ice dam forms. Since they have nowhere to go, they will quickly flow under the roof and shingles, and then leak into your house. Clogged gutters add to this issue because blockages are filled with ice, thereby boosting the rate of formation of ice dams. 

These are the issues that you’re likely to encounter with your gutters, and these are what a handyman can help you with as well. It all boils down to finding a handyman with an impressive skill set to help you with things around the house, from gutters to flooring. Their help is going to be very essential for every homeowner. If you don’t have a trusted handyman to call yet, then you have to find one as early as now.